Monday, 18 May 2009


Hi Celtic Year Artists & Writers,

Because it would be useful and interesting for us all to introduce ourselves to each other, and to everyone following the Celtic Yea Project, we have come up with the idea that we could make those introductions via the channels of the 4 principal festivals of the Celtic calendar.

To do this, look at what each main fire festival represents, and relate it to your own life and artistic work – see below.

{Note – the questions raised are just guidelines for you to consider as briefly or as fully as you wish to}

How do you relate to Samhain – how do you rest and refresh yourself, how has your life-path led you to this point, what are your spiritual and cultural roots, who or what do you listen or attend to for guidance, who are your mentors? Do the night-time and darkness figure in your life, inspire you; and if so, how?

How do you relate to Imbolc – what are you wishing to bring out in the new growth cycle ahead, what are your plans, hopes and aspirations. Do sacred waters, streams, wells and flowing waters figure in your life, inspire you; and if so, how?

How do you relate to Beltain – what have you recently put into place, what new projects have you activated, where are you putting your energies at the moment? Do stones, trees, plants and place figure in your life, inspire you; and if so, how?

How do you relate to Lammas – how do you celebrate your successes, what especial communities do you belong to, who do you share your ideas with and how? Do fairs and festivals figure in your life, inspire you; and if so, how?

All that was beautiful explained by Fi...thank I better get on give it a go. Please feel free to send reponses to me to post on the blog.

Sally x

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Beltain Orchard

Saturdays full moon was Lunar Beltain...I dreamt I was in an orchard.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Birdsong in the garden

Birdsong in the garden
6am Beltane
Drinking coffee
listening sweetly to
skylarks and lapwings
The garden’s
Spring breeze ruffles
wild garlic and wood anemones
Disturb cloudswirl daydreams.
Within this sphere of serenity
Transient dreams unfurl and abound
Be-calmed by scented breeze
optimism finds resolve in the pacified mind
Reflections of sparkling morning
Catch renewed vigour
In your eyes
hope grows as
Dawn's fronds reach our hearts


(once again the image and the poem for Birdsong in the Garden were combined beautifully...and once again I can 't get that format to look good in Blogger....sorry, Sally)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beltain in Bali

Dear Sal and Ian
Here in Bali, Yogis have travelled from their chilly Northern Hemisphere homes and descended on mass in Ubud for the annual Balispirit Festival where the daytime brings much cleansing of mind body and soul and night time the kecak fires and fire dancers,hedonistic dance rituals and strains of Gamelan orchestras and kirtan.
I have not noticed and mating going on but then I havnt inspected the bushes that closely..and the only herding of wildlife is the herding of yoga devotees who do, it seems, follow their Yogis whersoever they lead.
Much love from Bali

If anyone fancies Bali next Beltain (or anytime) check out Jan's house for rent or house swap here

PS I know this isn't a kecak dance but the best I had this morning Sx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Bright Time

This is my Beltain painting...its not finished yet...but after reading Lindsey's words in the previous post it feels right to post it now.
Bright Time is the translated name for Simivisonios.... the complete moon cycle in May and June...strictly speaking I suppose we are in Giamonios, Shoots Show...but I'm in Bright Time, hope you are too x

here are the other Celtic moon months lunar calendar


the first Beltain contribution - Beltain Blessings

Beltain Blessings

Last night this rainbow appeared and spoke of season’s blessings

of the rain which had cleansed the earth refreshed fecund and green

it whispered of growth of life of peace of love new life and time

it promised the shining one the warmth the light to nurture all

Wanted to share this photo and few words - we felt it an excellent omen for the year ahead.