Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Yule

A very special solstice lunar eclipse Yule blessing to you all!

My post this Yule is dedicated to Gemma
she inspired both the painting and poem
thanks lovely lady!

She walked wrapped against North Wind’s bite

Watching ice flow by snow softened river bank

She froze transported by transcendent light

A Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Yule

Her thoughts flew


When is this place?

At first of dawn or last daylight in the darkest of long night

Through seasons turn with old river’s churn and marching trees

In all her greens through bracken copper to silvery whites

Bathed in Sun Moon Wind Rain now Snow Ice

Here the veil is thin

Ancient voices pour


In this ever changing timeless never changing place

Here in the faithful turning of The Wheel



The Solstice Eclipse 2010

photographed by Foggy who braved -14, in his dressing gown!

Have a fabulous Yule and otherwisely alternative festive season - off to re-light last years Yule log!

Love and Light

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Music from Rob - Don't Remember

Here's another great song from Rob

I've added Damien Hirst's image "Under the Table"

Just seemed like the thing to do!

Thanks Rob - got these toes tapping again

Have a great Yule over there in the Orient!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How lovely to introduce a beautiful illustrator and fellow blogger
 I asked her to share some recent work with us.
She's made me revise my thoughts about ballet
This is beautiful!
Thanks Alexi!

With early Winter upon us, I feel that there's a magic in the air that
makes me want to dance! I would love to share my recent illustrations
inspired by a "ballet" video I found on Youtube."

Polina Semionova and newspaper dancers

I didn’t realise I liked ballet so much until I stumbled upon a youtube video of Polina Semionova dancing when I was looking randomly for dance videos. It entranced me so much I had to keep playing it over and over again. I’ve been a fan of Sylvie Guillem and seen Carlos Acosta, but I’m not normally a fan of traditional ballet – it seems so unnatural to be up on pointe. I’ve changed my mind now, I’m a fan, so I’m posting this youtube video and have used it to make some sketches that I did on old newspaper. I like the texture created by the newsprint and the way that it looks transitory and transparent. But I know I haven’t done Polina justice!


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Walking the Mist

More snow...and freezing fog as well

Makes me want to stay in by the fire and read

this is one of my favourite celtic books at the moment

Walking the Mist
Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century
by Donald McKinney

anybody got any other recommendations?

please add yours to the comments looks like i will be staying in for a while!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter Solstice, Yule and SNOW!

A reminder that Yule is a few short days away and, for a presently shivery, incapacitated, snow bound UK, the days will then start to lengthen and soon we will have beautiful snowdrops to lighten our hearts. 

Let us know how you spend this festive season by sending your photos, paintings, words, music or any other arts and crafts or activities.

Look what the snow made me do!!!

Wolsingham Walk
Snowy Pink Dawn

Warming love and light to you all