Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Equinox Arbour

Through the spiral to the sanctuary

The passport to the sacred dance

Lindsey and I built this arbour from new and salvaged wood, so hence, it’s name: Do You Know What It Was Yet?

To me it is the culmination of a journey through creativity with Lindsey and myself working both in harmony with each other and in tune to nature. Through the spiral to the sanctuary. The passport to the sacred dance. Simply sitting inside, even though the flowers have yet to grow, I find an inner tranquillity. Our pets lie at peace beside us. At the centre of this potent symbol a balance is found between heaven and earth; as in the equinox there is balance between light and dark.


Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox, Celtic Projectors :-)

Up to my eyes in heritage atm, but proposing to dip in to the CY very very soon!


we can't think of a title for this....

Ian's equinox contribution....not quite sure of the link between Japanese Anemones and the equinox...but I seem to remember it was pheasants last equinox and I didn't understand that either :)

black bamboo, black bamboo, black bamboo......

Hi everyone

Here's something a bit different (for me) for the equinox, the twigs are the first harvest from the black bamboo Foggy bought me when the garden was still a bramble patch and I remember singing black bamboo repeatedly (annoyingly?) - you might have noticed I'm a bit partial to alliteration! The ammonites were gifts I have had for years, I think the alpines will grow but the whole picture will change organically I'm sure as the elements impact and I add and tweak - I like tweaking!
Happy equinox all


Monday, 21 September 2009

Fire Princess

Happy Equinox

we were playing with fire

thank you Nigel for editing this....

From Tax Lawyer to Tarot Reader

Jan in Bali has a new blog

From Tax Lawyer to Tarot Reader by way of....

oh we have to twin Coleford with Ubud

Hello, must be the Equinox

Our first equinox contribution....from Nick in Brisbane

I know we have equinoxes, but they sneak up on you. The sun came up at 5:45 and went down 5:45. Hello, must be the Equinox. Hey, it’s warmed up too. Must be Summer.

Brisbane is blooming. There is colour and perfume everywhere. The jacaranda trees are budding with pale purple flowers that will soon cover ground underneath, the jasmine white and heavy in the evening, the bougainvillea brilliantly faded. It’s hot in the middle of the day: dry, searing. The wet winter has made the bush crunch underfoot with fuel, there is bushfire in the air. The rosellas zoom around the valley chattering at 50mph in perfect formation. The magpies are up to their usual demented nesting antics: swooping on cars, cyclists and unfortunate pedestrians. Kids attach paper eyes to the back of their school hats. Cyclists attach electric stay-ties to their helmets. We all look quite mad to visitors.

It’s 10pm, shirtsleeve temperature, light breeze. The odd mosquito. A moth lands now and again on the screen. A thunderstorm came through earlier. The air is clear. This is a good time to be in Brisbane . The end of the brief spring, a time of anticipation. Here comes the summer: sun, surf, sand, rainforest walks, fires, molten roads and cold beers. People go troppo. Bring it on.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Just before the harvest

English Lavender

I painted this Lavender field just before it was harvested in the middle of August.
Its not really a Celtic Year painting...but it does celebrate Lughnasadh.
It also marks the start of a new blog...summerland. ...my new venture into blogland...a little more about painting and day to day life.
Its here if you want a peek .
Sally x