Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vernal/Spring Equinox 2011

Today is the Spring Equinox a time of balance and increasing light, the soil is warming, seeds have been sown and buds are growing. The birds are nesting and filling the air with their joyful and territorial song. I've had a wonderfully sunny weekend in the garden and feel so connected with the real world!

Here are some Moon Gazing Hares I made - does anyone they gaze at the moon?

Springtime Greetings


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring Equinox: Winter Twig and Spring Thoughts

Here's a lovely contribution from Sheila for the equinox, she says: 

I've restarted my art journaling. It all started with my visit to York and then there was Valentines Day and now Spring is on its way. Yesterday I even added some cards from my visit to Prague last November. It's quite a small journal but I hope I can keep it up with just a few extra entries on different pages each day.

My Winter Twig Poem

Sun and light

My Spring Thoughts

 a bit at a time.
   the days lengthen
Buds bloom
    and lambs are born.
with thoughts of what's
   to come

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Snowdrop by Alice Oswald

A beautiful poem by Alice Oswald sent by Lizzie who says......

Sorry - this poem was meant to get to you for Imbolc! It's worth a read - I saw some snowdrops today - next to some bright yellow daffs!!!

Beautiful beautiful sunny Spring day here today!

Lizzie xxx


A pale and pining girl, head bowed, heart gnawed,
whose figure nods and shivers in a shawl
of fine white wool, has suddenly appeared
in the damp woods, as mild and mute as snowfall.
She may not last, She has no strength at all,
but stoops and shakes as if she’d stood all night
on one bare foot, confiding with the moonlight.

One morning among several hundred clear-eyed ghosts
who get up in the cold and blink and turn
into those trembling emblems of night frosts,
she brings her burnt heart with her in an urn
of ashes, which she opens to re-mourn,
having no other outlet to express
her wild-flower sense of wounded gentleness.

Yes, she’s no more now than a drop of snow
on a green stem – her name is now her calling.Her mind is just a frozen melting of glow
of water swollen to the point of falling
which maybe has no meaning. There’s no telling.
But what’s a beauty, what a mighty power
of patience kept intact is now in flower.

By Alice Oswald

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring Equinox Approaches. Clouds and Trees

Hi all

Just a short time now until the equinox is here, the days grow long and the sun is high, a time to celebrate Mother Earth and The Green Man.
Consider the balance of your life, work, play and relationships and watch out for hares (coming here soon!)

Here are some amazing photos of blue spring skies from Liz, thanks lovely lady:-

Clouds and Trees

OK not blue sky - great effect though!

Off to juggle stuff and try for more balance!