Sunday, 30 January 2011

Imbolc is nearly here!

 Here its so cold, the land still frozen, but afternoons of tepid sun, sometimes breaking through the snow flurries, remind us of the coming spring. First shoots are showing amongst the winter's litter, and there is a greening all around.

At Imbolc (the name refers to the lactation of ewes and heralds the return of the life giving forces of the spring) The Old Woman of winter, the Cailleach, is reborn as Bride/Brigit, Young Maiden of Spring

For Celts the dragon was symbolic of the Cailleach who holds the power of winter over Brigit's lamb, symbolic of spring. Dragons represent the whole of creation, are gatekeepers and particularly send us:
 inspiration / imagination / wealth / power / vitality
Here's one of my baby ceramic dragons, I hope he sends you all that and more!


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