Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Month 'til Yule

Oh yes, just a month to go and we will be deep in the festive season and our first set of visitors arrives next weekend - the party starts! 
Here in the UK snow is predicted for the end of the week, I don't know about you but we're stocking up the cupboard, have hauled out the snow shovel, got in the salt and are just excitedly (OK and somewhat shiveringly) waiting for the countryside to change into her silver and whites.

I thought I'd share with you some images of Sally's fantastic workshop last week in the beautiful and mystical Forest of Dean.
Sally showing us how, Ian (brilliant digital artist btw!) recording the event and me recording the recording of...

Already, exquisite detail emerges

I learnt so much, painted, was inspired, uplifted and motivated by the workshop, by the new techniques we learnt and from the sensitive, clear feedback dealt out with lots of beautiful nurturing support. Thanks Sally!
I want to show you something that I've painted since coming home. 
I hope this warms you all up!


Love and light

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Samhain 100x120cms

this my samhain painting...the turning wheel...the glorious autumn colour...and thanks to Ian for his inspiring photo below
the stitching influence in this piece is clearer if you click on the painting to enlarge it
and i've written a little more about that on my own blog summerland

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Germanic Rune

An image of Samhain from Ian -thanks m'dear I love the spiral, colours and texture, it is a multi- layered and symbolic image of the turn of the Wheel!

This image seeks to combine Germanic Rune "for completion of the cycle", year, harvest (take your pick, grins!) and Autumn/Samhain ... and about a thousand other things! The concept of permanence is explored in this image, the rock as background, foundation and the plants continually rebuilding, growing and reproducing offer a different style of endurance.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Samhain Weekend

A photo diary of an amazing couple of days.......

in this beautifully restored eco barn

(A bit dark but you get the idea)
The (fabulous, diverse and comprehensive) creative writing workshop lead by
Elizabeth Wilson of Infinity Development

this is what I wrote....

Dove Valley Peace

Old wood creaks pen scratch laptop tap coffee smell senses feed

Soft Samhain sun falls in waves entices calls

Sound spirals thoughts curl words shape

Then to paper fall drip ooze or leak.

Barn sits square in stone oak lime and time

Soft greens thread the stony holy peaks

Long ploughmarks write the land with ancient song

Stone walls old castle earthworks cattle sheep farms

Life remains

Dove Valley



Sows seeds and peace

Spiral treasures from Rwanda

More information here
about Elizabeth's recent visit there

Apple Pickle

The best use for a cauldron, or was that the Bombay Potatoes?

and that night, in the stillness and calm
I honoured those who passed before,
placed this beautiful mica clad, ages old, air bubble
here, on my shrine, on top of the loo.

 I like to keep a sense of perspective!

Happy New Celtic Year

Love and Light