Tuesday, 31 March 2009

just couldn't resist....

another play on wordle

i wanted to create a post about some of the feelings associated with 'my meadow'
there was going to be music...if anyone know The Waterboys song with the phrase high far summerland....please please let me know...its driving me mad trying to remember it.....

...anyway many many thanks to Nigel whose present to me this is

...and thanks to Tony whose hard work is making it possible

i have combined the word cloud with one of my summerland paintings...not as successfully as Ian would have...but its a start

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Goddess of Spring

Suvetar by Gjallarhorn

Beautiful Finnish version of the equinox, although parts look more like autumn than spring to me....

Discovered on this blog waking up

Equinox Birds

Which came first the bluebird or the egg?

Fi's wonderful Yezriel may have hatched from a beautiful blue and gold egg the colour of Lydia's Equinox birds....they hover, glide and turn above my head and their shadows do the same on the wall opposite.

We are planning to make more...many, many more as part of an outdoor installation for the Celtic Year exhibition in July.


Anticipations the first and the second ...

This is what one little spot in the garden is just about to look like ... not yet, not yet, not yet ... but the signs are showing, so any time soon ...


Friday, 27 March 2009

New Blog

The poet, playwright and insatiably curious Fi has just started her very own blog...and very lovely it is too

Check it out here http://fi-benson.blogspot.com/



this is my offering for the Spring Equinox.

I have written another piece, an original fairy tale with the theme of rebirth, but I'm wanting to perform it first on a forest promenade with friends including Sally, so I don't want to post it here yet :-)

So, here's a poem for now instead ...



She knew it was inevitable.
The fluids had dried up a decade ago.

She was just putting off that moment a little while longer.

She wasn't sure why.
Not so that the world would be more ready for her,
because that would never happen,
not even if she waited another thousand years

to add to the fifteen that she'd already spent inside the egg.

She unfolded her arms from where they were wrapped around
her scaline body,

shook her several wings, 3 at a time,

slowly, slowly, slowly stretched out a hand

and started to scratch at the shell with her nails.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Equinox project

after a very long day...and a lot of hard work by Tony and much more work than I am used to...we have the start of my meadow
all the 'grass' or moss has been removed and the ground rotovated
today the start of my meadow in a box arrived
seeds and some of the plants....from Landlife Wildflowers...

Landlife works for a better environment by creating

new opportunities for wildflowers and wildlife and encouraging people to enjoy them.

more info here Landlife about the Landlife charity

this is the second chance I have had to work with Landlife...they made some beautiful promotional seed packets for me with one of my paintings on the front a couple of years ago
I am really hoping to do some more work with them next year for their tenth anniversary
in the meantime I just have to plant and water and hope...then in two years it should all look like this!

(image from Landlife Country Lane Seed Mix )

by the way I have some extra seed and some cornfield annual mix seed if anyone would like some

Friday, 20 March 2009

Equinox in Brisbane

Our intrepid Brisbane correspondent just filed this equinox report....

I tried the egg experiment, but suspect you have to not only get the day, but the time right.

Being dependant on machines it occurred to me that it might be easier to employ a seismometer – they are popular on the Pacific Rim since the tsunami. I went looking for one at work. I work for a hospital and my quest had rather disturbing results, none of which reinforced our goal of proving equilibrium around the vernal equinox.

So I grabbed a beer and looked for inspiration in the early evening. We are blessed with mountains (ok, hills) to the west. We see the sunset make its way north along the skyline as the nights close in. This is the time of the year where we loose our sunsets, I would like to tell you it was because of ancient design, but it is our neighbors exploiting the council’s relaxed rules concerning extensions.

We don’t get an autumn in Brisbane but you can tell summer is over. It is getting cool in the evenings. It’s got be 23C out here, even the mosquitoes are wearing long trousers.


Happy Equinox

Today is a beautiful sunny morning here in the Forest. Big plans for the garden today...more of that later. At the moment though there's me and a very noisy woodpecker enjoying the sun appearing above the tree line.