Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Imbolc 2011 and "The Quickening - for Bridie"

Imbolc greetings all and a very warm welcome to Chrissy, many thanks, m'lovely lady, for sharing this beautiful poem and your energy.
This completely lifts my heart 

The Quickening - for Bridie 

Moving from stillness to the fire

Gently unfolding from the quiet

Shush, listen – Bridie calls

Pushing up through entombed dreams

Past slumbering memories of all that is

Stretching, yawning, lingering still …

Eternal seeds sharing Mother's joy

Her children stirring in Her earthy womb

Waking to the returning-time

Feel the thudding of Bridie's rod

Senses turning toward familiar sounds

Getting louder – Bridie calls

Rising through layers of quickening life

Warmly enticed to be new again

Journeying, spiralling, from the dark

Up, up into the dawn

Where snowdrops dare to be reborn

And gestating thoughts ignite

Unfurl towards the welcoming light

Shake the webs in the cool, fresh air

Myriad souls will greet you there

Louder still now – Bridie calls

Be new again

This world is yours

Hail and Welcome

From the maiden queen

Who weaves the willows of creation

Alchemical soul of inspiration

Of sacred wells and healing flame

Of poetry and reincarnation

She who called me to Avalon

The first to teach me we are one

Loud and clearly - Bridie called.

Chrissy Heaven

January 2011