Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spam and word verification

Well we've just tried a little experiment over the last few weeks. We removed the need for word verification when posting a comment on the blog to help some readers who have great difficulty in reading the words they need to copy to post comments.
Sadly the blog has been inundated by ridiculous Spam comments advertising medication and, believe it or not, porn.
The blog authors' e-mails have been choked by these and although Blogger has sent all to the Spam file we have had enough!
Word Verification is re-enabled and until hopefully this will stop the Spam, if not then we will have to take further advice/action from Blogger.

I'm so sorry to those of you who struggle with Word Verification (I dislike it myself) but things have got to an intolerable level.

To you who Spam: stop it, we don't want your products and we don't want your energy on this blog.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

5 days 'til the Spring Equinox 2012: Light of the Earth

Alban Eiler, the old naming of the Vernal Equinox, translates as 
The Light of the Earth
I see, think, feel these words; warmth rushes through me; delicious emotions flood my throat, freeing me; I stand taller, rooted in earth and reaching for sky.  

Spring tastes of rejuvenation, smells of sap rising and feels like these Stella buds, impatient to be open.

The flavour is sweetly yellow

tete a tete chatter
  forsythia promises

daffodil dances solo

    this morning the sun softly pushed the mist 
back to the far horizon

 (blurry) ladybirds surfaced from their winter quarters to soak up the sun 

 this Camellia (against the fence) just begs to be painted!

The sensational Spring!

The equinox lies ahead, the time of balance, of equal day and night,
 as important now as it was in Megalithic times
Signalling the new season of fertility
of growth in many ventures.

May the Horse Goddess ride over all your ploughed fields,
make them fertile and blessed!
(try here for beautiful information and art about Alban Eiler)

love and Spring light


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