Friday, 23 January 2009

Imbolc next....

Dates – 2nd February (or 26th January if you want to celebrate the Lunar version!)
Celebrating the rising Spring energy.... hurray!
Associated with holy wells, sacred flames, prophesy, healing, Brigid goddess of poetry, sheep and the hag goddess..... among other things.

last year I was in Bali reading the tarot cards...
before that in Scotland contemplating changing my name to the one that my Scottish grandfather always called me ...Sallie...pronounced Sallia.
this is a sketch from that time on the wall in my studio.

Happy Imbolc

Power of Prayer

My prayer or more accurately awareness whilst painting the flags on the winter solstice was a desire to feel the gentle wind of change blowing through my work (contrary to the comments left on the previous post....painting IS my day job!)...and that desire has been granted, in a very literal way.
At the start of January I had a phone call from someone who had bought one of my paintings 3 years ago. He had been thinking about commissioning more work for a while but felt now was the time to do it. He found my website and rang me one Sunday. The amazing thing is that he is involved in the alternative energy industry and wanted a series of paintings of wind turbines...the wind of change and challenge is blowing through this little part of the magic forest.
I have four large paintings do and these new beautifully elegant turbines to visit in situ....more as it happens.