Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dreaming of Lughnasadh - Lammas - Harvest Home under the Mead Moon

Almost Lughnasadh - Lammas - Harvest Home 
and under the Mead Moon I sat, 
dreamily thinking of this time of year, the turn of the season, the harvest coming, planning ahead and remembering.
That night I dreamt of the shining one's blessings and triskelle, the spiraling circle of life and then 
of the beautiful reflective Moon lighting our nights, our hearts.

Mead Moon Dreaming 2011

Celtic Clans

Celebrate the season
The shining one, the corn mother
The fruitful abundance and energy
Honour those who share their wisdom and experience
Appreciate all in gratitude, with joy
Harvest, store, sing, celebrate successes
Build on these

Be your dreams

and on that topic, sometimes magic happens...I swapped a painting for this

 Emma Hedley's lyric bangle with my chosen words

"seed flower fruit rest
sun moon earth sky
rainbow paints joy peace
love and light
be your dreams"

Loving it - thanks Emma!