Monday, 31 May 2010

Summer Storm

Rain softly falls nurturing the crops
Fertile earth odours tease the senses,
But all the while I feel disconnected.
Silver light flashes from wind dance leaves
Glancing through the edges of life's soul
Dancing, teasing, beckoning; life's wheel turning
And sun bursts through dark cloud with hope returning

Liz and I wrote this a line at a time on Facebook - loving what a status update on facebook can generate

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Here's a strange little piece I made up whilst falling asleep, I'm not sure of the Celtic connection but it is certainly a tale about a storyteller - good enough for me!

Twinkletinkletangle told a terrible tale in a tenebrous tavern
Of a terrifying territorial tiger with titanic teeth
With tall, tantalising, titanium tips
Of the tintinnabulation of his tone
A timbre with tincture of titan and Thugs
Teasing tremors of terminal thoracic terror
Telling of the thorny threat of tearing toes.
The tale then told Twinkletinkletangle
Tasted his tapas, tackled his tartlet and topped up his tankard
Then tangentially talked of tamarisk and tangerines ‘til twilight.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Beltane Beacon

Fire from sun, fire from flint stones
Come by the beacon and warm your winter bones.
When spring night and day are equal
Our ancestors call from the primeval.
May Rowan boughs on windows and doors
Protect us from underworld scores.
Let livestock graze over hill and dale
Until the juniper moon turns pale.
The green man strolls again!

Wishing you all a joyful summer

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beltain Blessings

I thought you'd like to see this amazing version of Pip Kingsbury's picture which inspired Imbolc Rabbits Drum I just love the joyous drumming rabbit, the acrobatic people seem to dance in a wide open field and it always makes me smile!
Thanks, as ever, to Foggy for "technical support"!
Pip, many many thanks for sending me this picture - it does my heart such good!

I'm just back from seeing the Henry Rothchild ceramics collection at the Shipley in Gateshead and am in awe of the vision, skill and technical genius that I've had the privilege of seeing, but I thought I'd show you one of my latest creations anyway! I tried to make the stars blink but they thought I said chink, this is called.........

Sister Moon Brothers Star

Wishing you all joy at this wonderful greening time of year and a bountiful and inspiring time ahead.

All together now.... loudly sing cuckoo !


Happy Beltain

Today started with the dawn chorus...progressed through catching up with family and friend... and on to a view of the universe
hopefully a little painting and some photos of the opening bluebells to follow.
Happy Beltain everyone
Sally x