Monday, 25 April 2011

Beltane Approaches


A lovely multi-media image from Sheila reminding us that summer is a comin' in and to get your Beltane fires ready. She says:

I think of bonfires when I look at it. This seems to fit in with the 'bright fire' derivation of the common Celtic *belo-te(p)niâ. The colours are also very fire-like.

It is a piece of natural calico with painted Bondaweb© 'tree' trunks, there is also a bit of foiling in there, although it's not very clear on the photo. Small strips of green fabric give highlights to the trees and the button is a piece of driftwood that a friend's husband makes into these beautiful button creations. The melon seeds are coffee dyed - a result of my latest dying experiment.


I love this beautiful collaboration and mixing of media - definitely making me think of bonfires too, thanks!

Can't wait to see what other works are inspired by this festival "Fires of Bel/Beltane" on the cusp of seasons' change. Share through

Joy, inspiration, love and light to you all


Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring: Mary Oliver

Here's a beautiful poem,  a rather poignant post from Lizzie, thanks m'dear


I lift my face to the pale flowers

of the rain. They’re soft as linen,

clean as holy water. Meanwhile

my dog runs off, noses down packed leaves

into damp, mysterious tunnels.

He says the smells are rising now

stiff and lively; he says the beasts

are waking up now full of oil.

sleep, sweat, tag-ends of dreams. The rain

rubs its shining hands all over me.

My dog returns and barks fiercely, he says

each secret body is the richest advisor,

deep in the black earth such fuming

nuggets of joy!

By Mary Oliver