Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Honey Moon

Beneath the Honey Moon in evening air
they melted with the shifting land,
basked in her sweet shimmering light,
watched a flight of gazing hares,
heard the promise of summer sun,
tasted the stalking smoothness of cat.
Then he spoke, soft and low, of life ahead,
of the midsummer gathering past,
of their joyful leap through Solstice fire
and children coming tall, fair and brave.
She shared thoughts of beauty, spirit, love.
The Honey Moon smiled on bright and full
and the Wheel turned and all was so.

Painted and written yesterday under The Honey Moon of June 2010.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Solstice Suns

Solstice Sun

Funny how paintings turn out sometimes - this is a Sun (in fiery Hubble style) which moved me to paint the next, my romantic version of the Tarot Sun card, a very important card for me!

Solstice Sun

Sunny Solstice greetings friends - leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Solstice Greetings

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Solstice, the sun is shining and the earth is verdant. Here's a link which will take you to more photos of Lumsdale, Marie's photographs are lovely and capture the atmosphere - I feel as if I know the walk well!

Thanks Marie.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Summer Solstice

The Druids of the ancient Celts celebrated “The Light of the Shore” - Alban Heruin and throughout the northern hemisphere different cultures still honour this time of year, when the days are long and the crops are fulfilling their abundant promise. Following the apex of light and the crowning of the Oak King we are enter the waning light of the year and he falls to his darker aspect, the Holly King.

This is the start of summer with many beautiful days ahead.

The power of the sun is revered and reflected in the lighting of balefires for which differing types of wood are required – have a listen to Nine Trees - The Bale Fire Song by the magical Tinkerscuss here

Fires were lit all over the Celtic lands from sunset the night before midsummer until sunset the next day. They were used to drive out evil and purify, to guard against disease and misfortune and the people would dance or leap through the flames as a rite to strengthen or renew vows

The first (or only) moon of June is called The Honey Moon and was the best time to gather honey from the bees. Honey was said to increase fertility and love and so was fed to newly wed couples. Because of the Celtic custom of renewing vows or making permanent hand-fasting agreements at Midsummer, June remains a popular time for weddings and we still call the period soon after the wedding as “The Honeymoon”.

This next link takes you to some amazing photos of Lumsden by Marie who says:- Lumsdale Valley is one of the secret treasures of Derbyshire. The Arkwright Society sign proclaims ‘A unique heritage of ruined mills: trees ponds and wildlife...’ It is an exceptional example of a water-powered industrial site in a relatively small area.

If you yearn to see more of its archaeological secrets the best time to visit is around the Imbolc festival when nature is almost naked.

The remains of the watermills are intentionally frozen in time, their ghosts trapped by the living, a hidden area of romantic and magical decay. The wooded valley is also a haven for wild animals, birds including Treecreepers and a variety of plant life. At the Summer Solstice it is a shady green retreat. Marie

I can’t wait to see the Solstice pictures!

Have a great time wherever you are and send us your pictures, words, music or any other artistic expression!

Celtic blessings