Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn Equinox: Alban Elued (Light of the Water): Mabon: Harvest Home

As the equinox approaches in this time of equal day and night great flocks of birds fly over my head, migrating, the trees are in their last bloom, the reds and golds light the paths I wander. 
Nature's colours stun me and I have to stop and stare.

I feel the thinning of the veil and remember. 
September, a time of loss, withdrawal, of seasonal activities ending. 
September, a time for planning, thinking, gathering in the harvest.

 And in my garden flowers bloom still

and we just had sweetcorn from the garden for dinner!

The Wheel turns
time now for healing and rest
and staring into log fires!

Wishing you all joy
love and light

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dying on the Vine: Rob Russell

Dying on the Vine

A chemical reaction that some might call attraction
And others term a fire in the mind
Makes me yearn for your embrace
Each time I fail to replace you
And the fruit of my desire starts to die upon the vine

If who you know brings what you get, and who knows you is who you let
Believing in that feeling without waiting for a sign
Then you’re reaping what you sow, as your mind begins to grow
But if you’re tardy with the harvest
Still it dies upon the vine

When stealing to get feeling is a life that feels appealing
And honest feels like weakness and a wankers waste of time
Then divine intervention brings the greater scheme to your attention
And the clarion call of thrilling crime
Slows and dries inside the vine

When the summer stops its flow and the lucky ones get up and go
Leaving others greatly hindered to stay and face the winter
And with nothing left to say to you
There’s nothing left for us to do
But watch the fruits of summer day by day die on the vine

The girl on the train who has occupied my brain
Since she minded the gap and opposite me sat
Walks away and up the stairs with my eyes upon her hair
And is that hint of red, cause for regret?
Is the question that looks on, as the death toll clicks up one

Thanks Rob, the melancholy here certainly reflects the season in the UK with leaves turning to reds and golds, sap withdrawing and the energies shifting into winter rest mode.

Love and changing light