Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lughnasadh 2012

Lughnasadh passed in a blur of work, celebrations, more work and exhibitions. I'm really struggling to meet the deadlines for these posts!

The Celtic Year concept was a blog that shared the Celtic celebrations and cultures of friends around the world, I feel that its time for someone else to explore Celtic Culture through the blog and that perhaps this will give it a new lease of life. New beginnings!

So the Autumn Equinox post will be my last and I trust one of you will e-mail me and offer to be blog mistress or master for the new Celtic Year at Samhain. If not then the Celtic Year will lie fallow and I will try to find a way to capture the wonderful pictures, poems and thoughts here.

It is a fascinating blog to be involved in and I would contribute if someone else "managed" it and gave it the attention it deserves. I truly believe that  it needs to be diverse in terms of contributions and after 2 years I need a rest!

Maybe I need to do my own blog but that too will have to wait whilst my life re-orders itself and I regain a rhythm!

With love, here are some words and images about my summer

My first ceramics only exhibition!

a lamb burst through the fence and ate all the tender veg 

I had to paint a sun - it was just so wet here this year!

My favourite clematis

an old rose

been getting addicted to using lustre glaze

this beautiful post box caught my eye in Durham

Drove over Hartshead Pass

To Potfest in the Pens
Where I bought this..from Steve Booton - inspirational!

Met my lovely Celtic sisters in the garden

and traveled to the Scottish borders to stay here

In beautiful Bella Rosa in this fabulous meadow

Oh and met the geese - a very proud and protective dad!

they have their own beautifully reflective Lochan

Mostly we sat on the deck, sunbathing, drinking in the meadow, basking in the tranquility. 
We laughed and drank, painted and wrote, shared stories and gifts, ate and drank.
An inspirational and special time - thank you sisters!

I'll leave you with a sky, which at night was filled with stars and meteors but through the day was wide and blue - love this shot it seems as if it were taken from space and was!

Love and Light Celtic Yearites
everything crossed that someone wants to take on this fascinating journey through The Celtic Year!
I'd miss it very much



laura.forestdreams:) said...

you know...lindsey, i'm going to miss you here...but after 2 years of 'running things'...yeah, it's time for a break.

it's tough enough making enough time for ourselves!

maybe one'll start your own blog...and i'll be your FIRST follower!

i LOVE all the pictures...your ART, gardens, magical skies, geese, flowers!! and what a cool post box!!
oh i wish you got a shot of the LAMB bursting through the fence!! ha! he must have REALLY wanted those veggies!!

anyway...i just have to say i'm glad i found you...back when...all your posts here have been my pleasure to read.

(hey! seeya on FB...well, i'm thinking of going back to the REAL me...ha)

(this will now be my third try for a comment...i can't get the verification right!! wish me luck!)

Lindsey said...

Thanks Laura XXX

Gunn said...

You have eyes for beautiful things.

Lindsey said...

Thanks Gunn x

Gunn said...

I wish you would start blogging again.

Greetings from me in Stavanger.