Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter Solstice Yule 2011

The Solstice sunrise heralds the lengthening days

and the longest night's clouds scatter

offering, in their passing, a transient window blessing

Many original Yuletide decorations grace our home
Foggy, Jamie and I made this revolving and annually evolving mobile 

and my sister, Sheila made the beaded snowflake

Victor consents to join us for the party!

The holly and the ivy
and Foggy's Christmas candle lights 

 Ficus has a festive dressing

I love this year's mistletoe mobile...

A bit of bling with senti-ments gathered over the years 

we feasted, laughed and drank
raised our glasses to absent friends
ate homemade pizza
played music
told stories
passed a Wassail cup
re-lit last year's Yule log and lit the next
burnt our holly sprigs with all last year's trouble
and crowned the Yule Jester, Bob

What a lovely time of year for parties, family and friends
for remembering and reflecting
 planning and dreaming 

Be your dreams

Solstice blessings to you all

Love and Light



laurak@forestwalkart said...

LOVE all the handmade decorations!!
everything looks so bright...cheery...inviting...comfy & relaxing...
LOVE the beautiful night sky...the colors and the rolling puffy clouds!
yule jester Bob looks happy...

drinks! food! good times! friends!
remembering...and planning...

love. peace. and wishes for many magic 2012.


Sheilasembroidery said...

Festive greetings, that star looks perfect as do all the other decorations.

Lindsey said...

I still can't comment, but I'd love to add this to Winter Solstice Yule 2011:

Lovely decorations and photographs! I especially like the mobile, snowflakes and ficus and the clouds are amazing.
Wishing you a wonderful time and wishes for 2012.


Thanks Alexi and wishing you an amazing 2012
Be your dreams!

If anyone else is having problems please let me know by email. Happy Holidays!

Bob Bushell said...

Your pictures are the greatest, happy holdays.

Anonymous said...

As always, finger on the button and totally up to speed. Your Yule Jester had a great time and hopes he fulfuilled his duties OK

Lindsey said...

Took the hat like you were born to it! Anonymous Bob - your new stage name perchance?

Sally said...

beautiful post! thank you Lindsey x