Monday, 2 January 2012

Yule 2011: Goddess of Air by Chrissy Heaven

A beautiful poem from Chrissy, this gave me such peace...

Goddess of Air

In frosty blasts of cold Yule air
Winter Lady breathes the stillness
To shimmer our landscape white with ice
And snow as silent rain
When Danu comes again
Her owlish essence
Whispering wisdom in the winds.

She blows a breeze that frosts her web
Sheer and glinting in winter sun
Inviting herself into our waiting hopes
Our steamy breath carrying silver strands
To weave us into her spidery domain.

Be still and rest whilst there …
Its time to sleep and dream
Cocooned in powerful threads
Dream new desires into form
On pause till Imbolc's call
Holding ancient memories of all
Ready for Bridie's fire.

Chrissy Heaven

Thanks lovely lady, brightened this dark January day
Love and Light 


laurak@forestwalkart said...

beautiful!!!! wonderfully calming images...

thanks lindsey, for sharing chrissy heaven's poem...words to remind us it's time to learn from the think, dream, hope...prepare ourselves to sprout...grow...after the winter breezes have moved on....

thanks chrissy!!

Bob Bushell said...

A very nice poem.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

hey lindsey!! just stopped by...trying to play a little 'catch-up' with blog reading...but i see you have nothing NEW!! should post some of your new paintings...or even those really cool WEB pic's from FB...or the snow...!!! :)