Thursday, 16 February 2012

Still talking about Imbolc 2012!

Whoops just didn't find time to do a post this Imbolc, life has been so busy! 

With what you ask well....

There's been a lot of this and not all of it on fb

come and have a look!

 there's been a lot of sore fingers making these "Ebru" mobiles

there has been much trying to keep warm whilst loving the seasonal beauty around me

oh and a few favourite first flowers of the year
the photo was taken at Imbolc and now the garden is a snowdrop heaven!

but mainly I was preparing for A Carnival of Colour - a joint exhibition with the fabulous Catherine Howard

wagging my finger! 

sooo much work we but had such a laugh!

and we're planning more - hurrah!

Oh and I've been painting and potting 
Here's today's (wet) painting

appropriately dreamy?

Well that wasn't really an Imbolc post was it? But we did celebrate, it was preview night for our exhibition , had great food with family,  burnt my Yule greens, honoured all those who have left us for Summerland and planned, oh boy did I plan, for the coming year and Spring! These last few days - I really think it's here!

Promise to try and be on time for the Vernal Equinox!

Love and Light to you all
and especially to Laura for knowing just how to motivate!



laurak@forestwalkart said...

...a very dreamy (wet) painting...LOVE the soft feel...

and the mobile(s)!! wow!! what did you use to make them! it looks HEAVENLY!!

i ALSO lOve the frosty flowers...web...the outdoors shot...and snowdrop heaven!

the carnival of color was a lot of work...but by the looks...a success!!

(so glad i could be so motivational! ha! wish i could do that for myself!)

have a good one lindsey! love...light...peace

Lindsey said...

Thanks Laura - the mobiles are my take on Turkish marbling - Ebru - loads of examples on youtube. I skip the water stage and use the wrong side of photo paper, then it cutting out the shapes and threading the with some beads or whatever else I fancy - little bones'd work well as a mobile - just an idea for you! XXX

Lindsey said...

I love the photos - especially the sunset and mobile! And the new painting is lovely :)Good luck with the exhibition - all looks very exciting!


Bob Bushell said...

Lot of love on Imbolc day, hmmm, I think I said it wrong. Never mind.
Another person that uses the word verification, please undo it, please.

QPT said...

Your painting is very cute!!!
Lovely color combination.

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